It is very important to update software so as to get the latest version with new features. When the Windows Phone 7 operation system was launched, it was thought to be the latest and flawless version. But it also requires an update so that it performs in a better way.

Software need to be updated at regular intervals. After the launch of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, there is news coming from the tech world that some of the users of mobiles and other devices are not able to get their software updated. It is believed that 90% of the users have been able to get their Windows Phone 7 operating system updated. But there is news that reveals that about 10 percent of the users have not been able to update it. On this CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has said that the reason of failure is network connectivity. Because of the network weakness it is not possible sometimes to download all the files of software and this is the most probable reason of this glitch in update of Windows Phone 7 OS.

There is news coming from the sources that these updates will be available earlier in March. HTC is all set to launch its first CDMA with the updated Windows Phone 7. The model is supposed to be the HTC Arrive CDMA. It has started a new war among big players in the smart phone market. It is believed that the update problem is with Samsung phones.  As a result Microsoft has decided to suspend update services for Samsung mobiles.

As per the news from Microsoft, it is believed that updates for Windows Phone 7 are expected to come in March. The news about the glitches coming in the way of update is related to the Internet connection as it is easier to get updates on a 3G network as compared to the earlier ones like broadband.