Microsoft has released various versions of its Operating Systems. The latest Operating System from Microsoft Windows is Windows 7. Time and again Microsoft had released its security updates and patches to remove bugs, errors and security holes in Windows Operating System. Recently Microsoft has released its three important updates. The information regarding the update for security holes was mentioned in the official bulletins released by Microsoft. This time certain updates from Microsoft are labeled as critical. This conveys that the user of Microsoft Windows must have these updates to have a system that is secure vulnerabilities and security threats. Recently the update patch for Windows Operating system is mentioned in its two bulletins.

Nowadays, most of Windows operating System users either use Windows XP or Windows 7. As Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. So, it is less vulnerable to security threats and attacks while Windows XP is more prone to get security attacks. So, these updates are considered to be more critical for Windows XP users.

The first critical update of Windows targets two weaknesses that are present in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft further announces that hackers could provide you a fake patch for unpatched systems. So it is suggested to not to visit malicious web sites.

The second update from Microsoft Windows removes a security bug from the windows OS. This update installs a backup tool on the Operating System that affects Windows Vista.

Following are some of the basic features of security updates provided by these patches to resolve the Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities issues or holes:

Patch 1: This update patch for Microsoft windows user is labeled as critical, as it is a critical update. The information regarding this patch update from Microsoft is addressed in its information Bulletin MS11-002.

This critical patch fixes the hole in Microsoft Data Access Components. Without this update a hacker or attacker on the web could take control over your computer if a user visits a malicious Web page, even though by mistake.

Patch 2: The second update patch for Microsoft Windows is mentioned in bulletin MS11-001.

This patch update of Windows removes vulnerability of the remote code execution.

Patch 3: The last patch update information in Microsoft windows information bulletin was about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The information regarding the vulnerabilities issues involved with CSS is mentioned in Advisory 2488013 in Microsoft information bulletin.

It adds an additional workaround that affects the Internet Explorer. There are many reports of targeted attacks generated by Microsoft. So, this patch update was developed to resolve this vulnerability issue. A critical update to windows is knows as css.css. It is an important Windows vulnerability that affects all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Further Microsoft reported that the exploit code is public and continuously targeted attacks are observed. The Security experts were of Microsoft found to be more interested in their plans of existing zero-day holes patches than in the fixes.

Microsoft Windows updates are available via automatic updates. You can also update your Windows Operating System by executing the update program from Control Panel.