Microsoft has launched a website to educate people about the fact that Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has become obsolete. Microsoft is all set to say good bye to its loved and long lived browser Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 and has a market share of 12% as reported by the media groups across the globe. Now Microsoft wants to lower the share of it to 1 percent.

If talking about the country wise users of the Internet Explorer 6, there are 34.5 percent users in China which makes it a big player in the market. It is all about the revolution which has come in handy whenever there a new technology is introduced in the market. It is the way by which the older one is treated and the new player is welcomed all the way. It is really great thing for the new entrant. It is reported that U.S.A. has only 2.9 percent users of Internet Explorer 6. The main aim of the new website launched is to make people aware around the world. It is just like educating the people about the benefits of Internet Explorer 9. The new version, that is IE9, has been launched. With the new and advanced versions of Internet Explorer 9, it has crossed the download limit of the application to a large amount of 36 million so far.

With the launch of the website it is believed that company is all set to upgrade the previous versions of internet Explorer very soon.