Microsoft is finally using Groupon to enhance the sale of Windows Phone 7. In recent news the groupon offer for Windows Mobile phone 7 is only for the Oakbrook location for the Microsoft store in Chicago and has offered 50% off on the phones which initially was priced at 99$ and is now sold at 49$.

Microsoft windows phones when intitailly launched could only move 1.5 million units in six weeks but unfortunately they where shipped only to the retailers but not much customers were keen on buying it. There is a very tough competition in this segment and Microsoft has earlier offered various deals and discounts in the past during promotional events via Microsoft stores and also one penny phones through Amazon before the launch of Window Phones.

Microsoft using Groupon and giving straight 50% discount to its Window phones 7 just two months after its launch is definitely not good for the company sales. Any fast moving newly launched product will never give any discount at all when the sales figure is strong and steady.

Some of the key features of Microsoft Windows phones are that it has windows 7 platform, it has social networking capabilities like facebook and orkut etc. Also providing an interactive user interface, excellent quality touch screens and also has additional features like MP3 player and camera.  You can also easily edit Microsoft Office documents and can call up friends unlike a rotary dial option.

HTC HD7 of Microsoft Windows phone is well equipped with 16 GB memory and has 4.3 inch touch screen Display. This tech brand hoped a lot of enthusiam from the customers due to the use of Windows 7 and also provided a good presence of Microsoft windows phones in the market. The only other carrier AT &T is not even commenting on the sales figure for this phone.

Due to the lack of sales and before the launch of the phone 7 in Verizon and Sprint Microsoft is trying to clear some of its inventry. The groupon with 150 markets in North America is a good platform to provide a good deal of the day offer for Microsoft Window Phone 7 to the end users.

Apart from Apple, Google equally attracts more Android users. Microsoft does have a tough competition to deal with. Microsoft phones are completly new in the segment and they have realized that to gain momemtum in this competitive market it will take more effort, innovation to outdo the rest.

Windows phone 7 partner LG has also admitted that the sales of window phones has been dissapointing and apart from the given figure which is with the carriers nothing much about sales has been heard from Microsoft. And now the sales via Groupon is confirming that Windows Phones 7 has not created any stir among the customers after its launch post November.