Today, we all are affected by computer security issues. There are different vulnerabilities that can affect your computer system. In the world of Internet, no one can keep his/her system safe until he is well aware of these vulnerabilities. If you keep your computer updated and you have the latest version of strong antivirus, then only you feel safe. System security is one of the most important issues today and everyone related to these issues is concerned about their safety.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will be vigorously signifying its obligation to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) by publishing CVD documents and releasing Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) Advisories on vulnerabilities discovered by Microsoft but fixed by affected vendors. Microsoft hopes that these documents will present more lucidity and insight into their disclosure viewpoint and about how they go through the progression.

CVD documents elucidate how Microsoft reacts as a vendor impacted by the vulnerabilities in their own yield and services. These credentials also display how Microsoft acts as a finder of vulnerabilities in third-party products and services, and how they operate as a coordinator of such vulnerabilities.

MSVR advisories cover protection vulnerabilities that Microsoft or other security researchers revealed in third-party yields or services. There are measures described in the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure that was disclosed by Microsoft to the affected vulnerabilities.

Microsoft also launched the first two MSVR advisories called MSVR11-001 and MSVR11-002; they will wrap the matters revealed by Microsoft in third party products. There was vulnerability that was affecting the Google Chrome browser in versions preceding 6.0.472.59; this was covered by vulnerability 001. Due to this vulnerability in Google Chrome, attackers can attack with arbitrary code inside of Chrome’s Sandbox. Due to these vulnerable attacks your browser will stop responding and/or exit unexpectedly. Here attackers could run arbitrary code.

Google Chrome version 8.0.552.210 or its earlier versions and Opera versions 10.62 or earlier could get affected by vulnerability 002. The vulnerability 002 concerned to an information disclosure vulnerability which is present in these browsers in the execution of HTML5. You could loose all of your private information if the attackers successfully subjugated this vulnerability.

We recommend you to keep all the programs and also the system on automatic updates to get the latest bug-free version. Using this technique you will never get affected by any of these vulnerabilities described above. If you are interested in these vulnerabilities and want to know more then you can visit the Microsoft vulnerability research advisory page.