Windows® Home Server has given a new definition to the sharing of files on a common network. Now, with this tool of Microsoft®, it is easy to organize your vast amounts of digital photography, music, video, and documents. In addition to the Network Attached Storage (NAS), Windows® Home Server performs the below task as well.

This server can be used as a central location to store all your photos, movies and data. You would be able to access these from any of your home computer in the network. Also, it provides user-friendly interface and works as digital media hub. In addition, the user is free to enjoy the content with the use of other devices that support Windows Media® Connect.

Further, this software is demanded for keeping the back up secure and is capable of creating copy of entire contents of your hard drive. Hence it provides automatic data backup. So you don’t have to worry in case of any accidental crash of your hard drive.

Windows Home Server Console will help you to see the PCs status which has been backed up. You can see the backup from the View Backups option under the computers followed by Backup tab.

Windows Home Server helps to take remote of your networked computer. With Windows Home Server you can make use of the application of your system virtually from anywhere.

Note: To make use of Windows Home Server for remote session you need a open ports of your broadband connection. These ports are often kept closed in some service plans or it may depends upon the terms and condition of their service.

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