In a fast paced world, locating the right file at a right time can be challenging. Windows Live® Search offers an easy and comprehensive solution for searching, locating and organizing important content, whether it is on your computer, in an e-mail message or attachment, on a remote file share, or on a Web.

Key benefits of Windows Live® Search

  • Helps you stay productive:Windows Live Search has a familiar user interface which allows you to find files instantly and locate e-mail messages on your PC.
  • Enterprise ready:It far easier to deploy and regulate. Its enterprise-class security does not allow unauthorized access to sensitive information. It features Robust Group Policy support that offers IT professional control over each and every aspect of search functionality.
  • Versatile Development Platform:It is easily expansible for third-party developers and IT professionals. It also provides wide APIs for developers to display users query results in custom applications. Windows® 7 features Windows Live Search which allows you to search things quickly. You start typing into the Start menu search box and a list of relevant documents, pictures, music, and e-mail will be displayed on your PC.

Most of the users also store their files in one place. So, Windows 7 is designed to search external hard drives, networked PCs and libraries.