Windows successful platform Windows 7 is being readied for an upgrade in February which has been codenamed as “Mango”. The upgrade code named NoDo will include a few basic touch ups like copy paste functionality and support for Qualcomm 7×30 Smartphone chipset, a CDMA location stack and gesture control. But insiders claim Microsoft is planning a massive update later this fall which is codenamed as Mango. It is rumored that due to the massive nature of the update it might even be called Windows Phone 7.5.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft announced these series of planned updates to Microsoft’s Phone platform during his address at CES 2011.

The update dubbed as mango is rumored to contain Html 5 support to the platform, Internet Explorer 9 with Trident 5 package, Exchange ActiveSync support ( to further enhance its commercial use ), support for eastern languages and a better gesture control also. Silverlight runtime might be added to the list of bulky feature Mango is rumored to be harboring.

The first update is scheduled to hit market by February but as the case is with Android updates, Microsoft will have to rethink its strategy to avoid an android like mess. Google has been regularly updating its android platform but the carriers have not been so diligent with pushing these updates to the users, as a result of which there was a great mess of handsets that are powered with different versions of Android. Keeping that in mind Microsoft’s current strategy of fewer and bigger updates with bigger time gaps between them seem to be in sync with the market scenario.

Up till now, there has been no official confirmation of the Mango rumors but it is believed that Microsoft will release the NoDo update later this month and a few minor updates at Mobile Congress and then in August-September it will release Mango. Also sources tell us that Windows 8 named Apollo will be released in 2012 and is underworked.

Mango update could lead to the widespread use of this platform. Also with the Exchange ActiveSync support Microsoft is eyeing newer markets. Multi tasking is also a feature Microsoft is looking at.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 official website lists a few feature which the first upgrade will include some of them are copy and paste feature, Faster Apps and games and greater multi tasking and better market place search.

With these updates, Microsoft is actually working on the key problem with Windows Phone 7 no copy paste, poor multi tasking especially with third party software, no Html 5 and no Flash. Microsoft is also working on a strong App base for the Smartphone. This could actually pack a solid punch and give Windows Phone 7 a new lease of life and an upsurge in market sales. And make it a serious competitor in the Smartphone market. Microsoft Diehard Fan base will have to wait till august September for this to happen.