The Dark Forces team has after months and months of tinkering with the porting nuance has finally devised porting of the Windows 7 to HD 2 successfully. System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings. Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal. Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large.

Here are  some of the features: The system starts-up soon after it flashes. First boot requires around 20 sec to begin settings.

You can charge the battery normally in WP7 OS. According to testing reports, the charging activity is normal. Importing the contacts from a SIM card can be done with the Chinese displayed perfectly well. Editing a contact is all normal. Setting of ringtone is working well. The camera works, and all the features are available, including 720P video. SMS sending and receiving works with no problems. Functions work.All the functions including the CTRL keys work well. Green camera used for activating the camera. Turning on the WiFi is quick, and works on available networks well. However it is unable to create detailed settings. Seems to be a systems issue. Bluetooth functions normally, but does not have detailed settings; again this is a system issue.

An update is planned to be released by Microsoft early in 2011. It may well be however doing an RTM the first update which is codenamed ‘NODO’. Windows Phone – 7 being a part of Microsoft’s mobile strategy coming for a long term we expect them to detail another update, a second bigger one which will introduce enhanced controls for developers .As is apparent the porting was successful to the extent that all the features were on check-back correct and working well. Features include those mentioned above.

There are some features not available. For example, there is no Live service enabled. This is due to the reason that you activate Windows Phone 7 on the device without the key.

The ported software works well on other devices. The porting has been done to enable the phones to take up the use of the software usefully. It is backed with the abilities of WiFi and turns on quick and works on the available networks too. It is well endowed with functions and all of them work very well after being ported to HD2. The charging of the phone system is normal. First setting requires the time gap of 20 seconds when there is a system boot. Charging the battery is a normal activity and does not require extensive means by which to charge. The camera consists of the facility of 720P video recording. Setting ringtones is a normal activity and you can set it at will as per normal specs. SMS sending is based on the settings is a normal activity. So also is the receiving of SMSs.