Microsoft first came in 1975 from a partnership between Gates and Allen. They started Microsoft with a huge vision with a dream for desktop at every home. They started working on the first version of new operating system.

In the year 1981 a project name “Interface Manager” was started and in the year 1983 on 10th of November it was first announced to the public with the brand name as “MICROSOFT WINDOWS”. It was after two years later in November 20th when Bill Gates announced in the hotel Plaza in NEW YORK about WINDOWS. After that Microsoft came in to the market with a new graphical user interface and also with features like multi tasking and multi programming. Windows was the extension version of Disk Operating System.

On 20 Nov 1985, the software giant first introduced the windows 1.0 which was a 16-bit GUI operating system. Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft at that time, said that windows 1.0 was a unique software and will provide ““unprecedented power to users today and a foundation for hardware and software advancements of the next few years”

Microsoft Windows operating system got criticism because it wasn’t a looker nor it was fully jam packed with features. There was no recycle bin and also windows couldn’t over lap.

With the growing technology Microsoft came up with windows 2.0 which was an upgraded version of windows 1.0 and released on 9 Dec, 1987. Gradually Microsoft step on the way to dominate the technical market in operating System development and they launched another version 3.0 and shortly by 3.1 in 1992. On July 27th 1993 Windows NT came into the market which was a 32 bit operating system

On 24th august 1995 windows release the new OS which is known as Windows 95 with added start button, taskbar, minimize, maximize and close button, followed by USB and DVD drivers. Windows 98 came into the market in the year of 1998 which helped the user to access information easily and also it helped to surf the internet. Subsequently Microsoft launched the Windows Me which is designed for the use of home computer.

With the development of technology, Microsoft decided to upgrade their product so they thought to replace Windows 95/98 and NT with Windows 2000 with more reliability and support mobile. On 2001 Windows XP was launched which enhanced reliability, Security and performance. Later in the year 2006 Microsoft launched Windows Vista which workout smartly for the security of the system this also helped the user to find the files faster.

The modern era reached the new technical world with more sophisticated technology. Microsoft too is not backward in any sense; it launched its new highly upgraded Windows 7 in Oct 2009 with many features like the touch pad which enable a person to browse the net, open files and folders with the help of his finger.

In this 25th year of anniversary Microsoft looks happier, Microsoft has not stop to dream yet. They believe that there are many areas to improve; there are many dreams to be fulfilled. For Microsoft even sky is not the limit.