Windows Vista® helps user to do smart work with digital photos. User can download Windows Live® Photo Gallery which is a free utility. It can be used for different purposes like Editing photos, sharing photos on the Facebook®, bring changes in view, sort & find photos by date or rating. All this action can be performed with simple click without any hurdle. User can fix exposure problems and implement correct color for maximum impact. In addition you can create spectacular parormas with multiple shots of an image. Making of emphatic slide show is now a step away with the new Windows Live® Photo Gallery.

Live organised

Windows Vista helps you to simplify your task and eventually simplify your life. User can make a quick and easy search of desired files and applications. Just enter some text in the search field and Windows Vista® will organize the results for you. No matter what application you are using, it works with each one of them. For example if you are on Control Panel then it will show the application present under it. Presence of Internet Explorer 8 will give you a different browsing experience with its multi-tab and web slices feature. In private browsing option will ensure security to your visit. Windows® Defender and Windows® Security Center will organize you against any kind of viruses, spyware, malware, keylogger and so on.

DVR & entertainment

Windows Vista helps to get perfect entertainment, no matter where you go. User will get Digital video recorders (DVRs) feature in all the version, to record any online program from TV or YouTube™. This is very simple to do, I think you must have heard about Windows Media® Center which is a free tools for Windows Vista® user. Digital video recorder is a part of it. You can take the recorded video to your Windows® mobile or Lite laptop to enjoy it on your tour. If you are crazy for game then you can share your break time with Windows Vista® computer, to play wide range of game in 3D version.

Security on the top

Windows Vista® helps to protect your system from outside threats. It has inbuilt Security Center which guards your PC on 24*7 basis. It will deliver alerts regarding any possible threat. User can know the status of their security software, whether they are update. Even the Microsoft Updates will be filtered by the multi-layer firewall. Apart from outsider threat your PC may undergo any kind of physical damage, so to protect your data in adverse condition Windows Vista® helps to makes a backup of your favorite memories and critical documents. In addition you can use Parental Controls feature so as to bring discipline in your child against computer use.

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