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The Windows XP Home SP2 has many strong multimedia features. This tool helps in capturing and editing videos that are fun to use. The Windows provides enhanced security measures that help in improving defenses against viruses, hackers and worms. It increases manageability and is an improved experience for users.


The downloading of Windows XP Service Pack (SP2) can be done on any system. It helps to increase revenue opportunities and reduces support cost and increases customer satisfaction. It is configured with new media player that helps to copy music from CD to hard disk, create your own playlist and write your own music CDs with the help of CD writer. It includes Windows movie maker that helps in capturing and editing videos.

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The Windows XP Home SP2 is the most popular system in the world. The Windows XP Service Pack gives safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools and improved experiences. It is packed with multimedia features and aims to unlock the full potential of the personal computer. It helps to effectively maintain the computer and safeguard the privacy when working online. This OEM version is intended for system builders only and once it is installed it cannot be transferred to another PC. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is a Windows operating system that is designed exclusively for home computing. The installation of Windows XP Home Edition enables the user to enjoy the exciting experiences of the digital age at the fingertips. It simplifies the usage of digital photos, music, and video in building a home network. It is built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000 and it sets the new standard in efficient and dependable computing.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:

  • FIVE -Fast Resume from Hibernation or Standby

    The service pack helps to browse the Internet easily and reduces unwanted ads and content. It saves battery power while you are on travel. With Windows XP your laptop can enter Standby or Hibernate faster and can be restarted faster after resuming from Standby or Hibernation.

  • FOUR -Windows Messenger

    It is an easy way to communicate and collaborate in real time on your computer. Online status of other users can be easily seen and communication can be done with text, voice, or video with better performance and higher quality.

  • THREE –Windows security center

    It allows easily seeing the security status and managing the security setting in a convenient place. It warns about the harmful downloads and gives the option to block the files that could be dangerous. It helps to manage key security settings in one convenient place.

  • TWO –Update Windows Firewall

    If the system is automatically turned on by default, this firewall helps to protect Windows XP from viruses, worms and other security threats that can spread over the internet. This helps to protect the laptop conveniently.

  • ONE – Bluetooth technologies

    The Windows XP enables you to connect to the latest Bluetooth- enabled hardware devices such as keyboards, cell phones and PDAs. It helps to transfer data from one computer to another without any wire connections. It provides complete mobility to users while processing and sharing data.

The Windows XP Home SP2 (service pack 2) is very popular and excellent. It is easy to use and satisfies the need of the customers. The user can use the Bluetooth for transferring the data to other users without the need of any wire connection. It also enabled the user to perform online messaging.