Why you need to change the paper size of Microsoft Word 2007 document? You change paper size of your document only when you have to match the range that your printer supports. It is the printer that you use that determines the paper size and you change the paper size accordingly.

But, at the time of publication, it is important that your paper size and page size are the same. You can change the paper size only under the case when you have to print multiple pages on one sheet.

Now, how to change the paper size in Microsoft Word 2007 document?

Read on to know:

  1. Open word document.
  2. Go to “page layout” tab.
  3. Under “Page Setup”, click on “size” and choose the size of paper you want.


Follow the easy steps mentioned above to change the paper size of your word document without any trouble? You can call our Customer Support Phone Number for Help with technical issues,