Help and Support to solve the issues of document formatting in Microsoft® Office Word 2007

By using Microsoft® Word 2007 you can create and format a Word document very easily. If you are creating a document with other programs it would be, little bit difficult. You have to put little more of work to format your document using this program. But, you will be rewarded for such efforts. The quick tips will definitely help you to master over the Word’s advanced formatting options. Even inserting some contents into your word document can be done with great ease. You can easily cut and paste some objects and text into your Word Document. When you want to insert into your Word document, the whole contents of another file, it can be done very quickly. Such insertion can be done even without opening the document too.

The following are some of the issues you might face while formatting document using Microsoft® Word 2007 in your system, together with the tips to resolve it:
  • Formatting won’t be retained in Excel® data
  • Damaged word document
  • An object or picture might not appear

Formatting won’t be retained in Excel® data

You might find some trouble, when you try to do a mail merge using the data source from Microsoft Excel® worksheet using you Microsoft® Office 2007. You might notice that when it is merged, some of the numeric data in it won’t retain its formatting. Since the recipient list in Word is in the native format in which Excel® stores it, without the formatting that is applied to the worksheet cells that hold the data, you might face such issues. To overcome this issue use Dynamic Data Exchange to connect to the Excel® worksheet which contains the data, you want to use.

Damaged word document

At times you might notice that your document exhibit some unusual behavior. Such unusual behavior includes incorrect document formatting and layout, repeated repagination, system stops responding when you view or load the file and unreadable characters displayed on the screen. To overcome this issue, change the template that is attached to such damaged document to the global template which is nothing but When the attached template itself is, quit from the Word, and then rename it as

An object or picture might not appear

When you open Microsoft® Office Word 2007 document which contains an object or a picture, the object or the picture might not appear. This issue might be faced in a document that contains a graphic image, a picture, an auto shape object, or other object. To overcome this issue use the “In line with text” present in the Wrapping style option.