Zune is an entertainment platform released by Microsoft which is used for audio and video purposes. The user has to download the Zune application and get a Zune player and pass. Then he has to go to the Zune market place which consists of music, movies and videos. Zune pass is necessary for the user so that he will be able to download the stuff from the market place. Microsoft has launched the Zune pass some time back into the market in United States of America. And now they decided to launch it in UK too.

What is Zune pass?

Zune pass is the music subscription service which is given by Microsoft to the user so that he can use the zune market place effectively. Zune pass provides the opportunity for the users to download unlimited number of files from zune market place for some price in a month. When it was released in America, it became an instant hit among the youth as they can get all the music and videos to their computer directly by paying some fixed amount to Microsoft on a monthly or yearly basis. As it has become such a hit, Microsoft wants the Zune application to be expanded to all over the world and it has taken the first step by deciding to launch the Zune Pass in UK.

Zune pass in UK

Microsoft is making the preparations to launch the windows phone 7 towards the end of the year. Hence, it wants to introduce the Zune pass to the world so that it gets popular by the time the phone has been released. Zune application helps the users in a big way in downloading the favorite music and videos directly to their computers. Zune pass gives the option of having 10 songs downloaded and stored in your computer permanently each month. Thus, they have launched the Zune pass in UK this month.
As a process of launching the application, Microsoft has also introduced 14 day free trail period of Zune Pass. Before taking or buying the Zune Pass, one can test its features by signing to this free trial period. During this trial period, the user enjoys all the benefits when he has subscribed to Zune Pass except that he cannot download the ten songs which can be stored permanently. Once satisfied with the features and benefits of Zune pass, the user can upgrade to subscription service from the free trial period. The subscription prices in the UK for Zune Pass have been finalized. The downloaded music and movies using this Zune Pass from Zune market place can also be played on other devices like Xbox, windows and windows phone 7 apart from zune devices. Hence, taking the zune pass is essential for all the users who love entertainment.
Zune Pass is one of Microsoft’s most useful services which was introduced into the market. It gives the subscribed user the access to millions of sound tracks and videos by just paying some fixed amount.