Open Google and search for your friends name in it. Three years back such kind of search would have resulted in no results or results of people whom you don’t know at all, but now if you run such kind of search in Google you for sure will get the correct friend in the results list. This result comes from the largest database of people and groups which is stored and kept by Facebook. Introduction to Facebook is not required now days as every body who works on the Internet knows about it and might be using it as well. Facebook has billions of users and the way it searches for the records is really amazing. It tracks the links and your location and matches it with the results of people which have possibility of matching your search string. Google being the dominator in the class of search engines is now facing serious competition with Microsoft’s new search engine christened as BING. Bing is expanding itself slowly and steadily and is grasping the hold of the search engine market day by day.

Being intelligentely marketed and strategized, Bing has come up with a new idea all together. Google which only tells about the presence of any individual on Facebook, but Bing has gone a step further. If you are logged in to Bing then you can also see the Likes and dislikes of the person whom you searched for and you can also send the Friend requests to the person straight from Bing’s result page. You do not even need to open the Facebook link and login to Facebook. Experts have termed this is the infusion of Facebook with Bing.

This infusion will certainly be liked by many as it an effort to bring a lot to one place. In a broader scenario now the users of Bing will be able to see the like, links, and other interests of people when they will search for anybody on Bing. This will really help in identifying the correct person when there are too many results of the same name. Microsoft is planning to incorporate more information of any person in the search results of its search engine. All the features and pieces of extra information will be gradually added to the Bing, but as of now you can send the friend request straight from Bings search result. The scope of information which Microsoft can add to Bing will again be challenged by Facebook’s privacy policy as no individual would want to get himself listed in the search results if he or she doesn’t want to. A question next arises that if Bing will let its users do half of the jobs which they do on Facebook then will it affect the daily usage count of Facebook? Bing has still to gain popularity and may be Facebook is joining hands with Microsoft to help Bing grow and get accepted by the masses.