Young minds nowadays are sometimes far better and way advanced than those of adults who have gain much of expertise in their fields. Sometimes, difficult situations can be turned out much simple for them.

This has been the common issue regarding the Microsoft Corporation and the student’s body.

Microsoft has always been organizing a technology competition, encouraging the young minds to contribute their knowledge. And since it is a competition, there is always a winning price and a champion.

The competition is called the Imagine Cup.

What is an Imagine Cup?

Imagine Cup is an annual competition that is sponsored and created by the Microsoft Corporation. It involves through encouraging the young minds to deal with technology issues and will show off their talents by making or creating a solution. This problem consists of software issues and a software creation solution depending on the theme during that time.

This involves students from high school and college levels. The winning team will then received a specified amount for the contribution.

But the issue has been opened up regarding the rules and the true motives of the said competition.


It was on the rules and regulations that the said contribution by the students will be now of property of the Microsoft Company thus students will no longer be involved with it unless it was made under a business deal towards the Company.

Although the participants doesn’t know about this kind of set rules or somehow know but does not understand it much pretty well, some other who have understood it questioned the company’s true motives.

Speculations have grown wide when the issues have been stated about the company creating an advantage with the competition by using the young mind’s creation.

Although the company defended itself by stating that there are rules and regulations that have been set by the competition, still it does not satisfied part of the students.


It started about claiming the student’s ideas and creation after the competition is by far an insult to the rights of the one truly authorized.

The company said that the competition is not there for making use of the advantage but for letting the young minds enhance their skills and opinions regarding technologies today. If by far, the credit of creation still goes to the students who have done it, but further claiming will no longer be entertained for it is now a property of the company unless it was given under a business deal or contract.

But what the students want is the true credit they should deserve regarding the said competition. They want the rightful right to claim their own creation.


The company has said that the rightful claim will always go to the students who have contributed much to the idea or product. They will be recognized with the said contribution.

But still, it will never go out with others minds about making the competition as an excuse of gaining control over the creation and the ideas of our young minds today.