A comprehensive study into how the iPad brand from Apple is being used conducted by Resolve Market Research has just been completed. The study, which was conducted across a nationally representative sample, compared technology owners in four different categories. The iPad, smart phones, e-readers and (PGD) Portable Video Game Devices also aims to look at how the iPad is impacting their products like the e-readers and the net books. At the same time, it also focused on how users perceive the iPad both before and after owning the device.

Studies from Microsoft

Still on research, Software giant Microsoft Corp. through its Microsoft User Research seeks to find out more about iPad users. Microsoft is seeking iPad users to take part in a comprehensive study that is going to be carried out at its Campus over the next week or so.

In a remarkable move from Microsoft, It has forthrightly advertised its wish to connect with iPad owners over social giant, Facebook. In a somewhat intriguing move, the Facebook page, where the company first sought after iPad users, was shut down within the firs few hours of being published. Question; was it a wrong move from Microsoft, or did they collect the data they needed fast enough to declare the page unnecessary within that short period of time?

According to Charles Arthur of the Guardian, “Microsoft may be destined for another mobile product fail, as it engages in this study.”

Word from Microsoft.

According to Mr. Ballmer’s speech at the Annual World Partner Conference, “This year, one of the most important things we will do in the smart device category is to really push forward with the Windows 7-based slates.”

Unnecessary studies

“If Microsoft has to take studies of how people use their iPad, it will take them a very long time, possibly six months to a year to apply whatever it may learn into Microsoft products. Before it reaches the market, it ahs to go through hardware manufactures, for tests against their prototypes, refine… and then get it out to the market.” Mr. Arthur writes.


Given that Microsoft had previously shut down its Courier project, which to some analysts, looked like a promising substitute to the iPad, and that hardware manufacture Hp is report to have moved away from Windows 7 for its tablets, to its recently acquired Palm OS. Though a slide of associated hardware manufacturer with Mr. Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) a while ago, hinted that Hp is back in the Windows fold for slate. Much of this seems unpromising.

Still, the aim of the study from Microsoft would be to help them draw a game plan for the manufacture and release of the slate.

However, the main question from analysts and consumers alike is, Why is a company that insists that its partners will announce on a chain of slates and tablets busy inquiring to find out how Apple’s iPad users interact with theirs?

Obviously, there is much anticipation to know what Microsoft might have collected from the study. What did they want to know? What did they ask? What did they test? Only time will say everything.