Microsoft has launched a new phone which is named as Kin 1. They are going to hit the market with their ultimately adorable social networking process. It is basically designed for those who are interested in listening to music, sending text messages and social networking with each other. It is basically a touch screen model with many features which is more compact to use. The main reason why it is used as a social networking model is that, if any body wants to get updates, status and other details of their friends who are in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, they will be able to process their details with the help of new version screen called Kin loop, which posts their details on the home page of the mobile. This will be very useful for the consumers to have a look on the current status of their friends.

Working with Microsoft Kin

If you want to know about any product, you must understand it thoroughly. The Kin 1 model has a disc-shaped design with a slide open at the bottom of the phone which gives it a great ergonomic feel. This gadget is different from other phone models with more features that are not available in other mobile technologies. You may get updates with your favorite one’s and share your information with them very quickly. It also exchanges e-mail messages with one another. Since it has a 3G connection music player, you can play songs and enjoy the music wherever you want and can also share music with your friends.

Social Networking

Likewise using the phone, setting up the phone is also an easy and simple process. First thing you should do before working with the Kin is that, charge it for a whole day and wait until it gets over. After you switching on the phone, it asks for user id and password for each and every social networking process. You need to give the details separately to connect with them. After setting these things, you may start the phone for first usage by connecting with your friends.


Messaging you friends or mailing them is been an easy process. Even you can send a same message to a group of people without wasting your time by sending it individually. There will be a spot and you just need to drag and drop the photos of your friends to send mms or emails to them in a fast way. But you cannot share music with these spots since the feature is not available in it.

If you want to compare and contrast this Kin model with any other phones that if they have any process or features available like this model. I would surely say no to this question since this Kin model is going to change the world in an ultimate way by attracting the consumers with its unique features. Microsoft has achieved their goal by introducing their new product with great adorable look and has become a leading marketer.