After much waiting the time came when Microsoft unleashed its seventh test version of Internet Explorer 9 which has been tagged as “real- world” Web based JavaScript programs. But with this development a rival’s accusation has also been parcelled that Microsoft is essentially engaged in the storied computer industry practise of benchmark engineering-designing technology to be fast on an artificial speed test.

The newly launched seventh IE9 platform preview comes with new improvements to its Chakra JavaScript engine. With Microsoft asserting that Chakra is engineered to do better on actual Web site rather than any narrow benchmarks.

Dean Hachamovitch who is Microsoft’s IE General Manager blogged that over the last few days Microsoft’s have been tuning the JavaScript engine, for more patterns that found in real-world sites. Based on these progresses since the last platform preview they released an updated platform preview build.

The company has been creating a range of Web applications to give people the option to test all the browsers that figure in today’s fierce competition. With the new version launched recently, Microsoft signalled its growing impatience with one test of JavaScript, the SunSpider benchmark- both of them basic in nature in its tests and limited as compared to the full range of browser performance challenges.

Few days back Mozilla took issue with one aspect of IE and JavaScript as “dead code elimination”. this involve scrutinizing software before it runs and eliminating parts that are just busywork-flawed code programmers that don’t always realize what they are using.

Rob Sayre, Mozilla JavaScript engineer came with an n objection filling IE9 bug that has led to Hachamovitch’s explanation but still Sayre is not much satisfied about it. Sayre has analysed that IE9 is using dead-lock elimination for some tasks that involves a number of mathematical operators. And then came his conclusion which states essentially that Microsoft had turned Chakra just for a good SunSpider result.

Sayre gave away his final decision by stating that it won’t be possible to consider IE9’s implementation of dead code elimination to be a serious general purpose optimization. By this statement it was clear that it hasn’t been tested on anything other than SunSpider.