The Microsoft Office 365 can be termed as a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows operating system.

Web based Office applications will provide all the Office software and packages will be available on subscription based pricing which will be available online. This service will be available for variety of customers like home users, small business owners, home business owners and bigger companies as well.

The Office 365 is majorly designed and developed for cloud computing with the variety of subscription packages available for small businesses and enterprises.

Currently Microsoft has very limited services available in Web-based version of MS Office application but it is going to get larger with recent development in Office 365 and other web based applications.

It provides functionality of cloud productivity to all size of businesses and helps to save time for various IT and other functions in the organizations.

Office 365 adjoins the traditional Office desktop with cloud based versions and provide a unique way of communication and collaboration of services like Lync online, Sharepoint, and Exchange.

Microsoft Office 365 has been launched in competition with Google Doc. Dan Olds, an Analyst in The Gabriel Consulting groups said that Microsoft monopolizes the market of Office application and Google stands nowhere in this domain. Even if Microsoft has be slower in to develop and launch the product it will take over the market.

Microsoft Office 365 is scheduled to be launched early next year, however only the Beta version will be available.

Microsoft Office has been a bigger profit generator for Microsoft and with this new concept in the market; Microsoft wants to utilize its well researched and planned strategy to generate more revenue.

Google is providing word processing and spreadsheet applications subscription for $50 a year to all businesses and this can be the biggest challenge for Microsoft.

Even if the Office 365 seems to be rebranding and repackaging of previously available cloud services, the new concept is a wonderful transformation and a new way of deliverable and distribution of application.

It is also going to break the monopoly of currently available Google Doc services and will bring the competition so that products can be improved and re-designed.