Microsoft the software giant is the biggest software manufacturer and we are expecting some exciting gaming software from them but we have to wait as Microsoft games studio vice president Phil Spencer recently told reporters that they are trying to do things that million of people can enjoy and in today scenario people do not have 3D TV’s in their house, so you have to wait. It was expected that Microsoft will launch 3D gaming to follow Sony in 3D gaming.

Spencer also mentioned that they are not in a business to sell TVs and that is not a part of our business model. Even though, he likes Nintendo’s 3D because it does not require glasses. If we talk about Sony, they sell TV and they can work it out with 3D with glasses.

Xbox 360 a third party developer of Microsoft already delivering titles in 3D but Microsoft games studio waits for the technology to be more widely adopted. While other game manufacturers like EA highlighted next year’s Crysis 2 as a marquee title with 3D support. There is one more game which is the most famous and biggest Call of Duty: Black Ops, it has already demonstrated its implementation of a 3D graphics mode.

Though, new innovations from Microsoft gaming studio, they are fully involved in developing games for Microsoft. Xbox is extremely popular and games have a different interface and experience. PC games developers are innovating new ideas and interfaces for 3D games and the competition will be bigger than it is today. It is really a different experience playing games on HDMI TVs, the screen is broader, clarity is very much attractive but the thing is whether it will be popular among gamers or not.

Based on that speculation, Microsoft will decide to enter the 3D tech market. They are afraid as they are not in the business of TVs and these 3D games require a glass platform. Sony can provide with TV but this is not the case with Microsoft. So, we have to wait for Microsoft’s 3D games, may be they will launch in near future.