Microsoft has developed an ultra-modern, interactive panoramic program called Photosynth. This application is now available for the iPhone. Microsoft said earlier that using the latest computer apparition technology, the Photosynth app makes capturing natural scenes fun and appealing, while creating sharp, high-resolution results. By using this application, you can easily process, view, and store your photos directly on your device. There are many more advantages like, you can easily share those photos on Facebook or as interactive panoramas on

Photosynth has only been accessible as a downloadable software gizmo on the PC. Now, Microsoft is releasing the application to iPhone users first but what the surprising fact is that they are not releasing this app for their own Windows Phone 7. We were watching the previews of Photosynth since 2006 but until 2008, users could upload and create their own amazing shots with the software. Since the day, it was launched it has been used to develop and create Gigapixel panoramic photographs and 360o fly-through of various locations and point of interest around the globe.

There is one more thing that we noted that the iPhone version of this application is very easy to use and it makes much easier to capture and share their amazing shots. Photosynth for iPhone version is not the first panoramic application to hit the App store. There are different applications like Pano, 360 Panorama, Panoramic 360 and AutoStitch Panorama that were launched before this application. Photosynth’s sophisticated, on-device image edging, high image superiority, progressive and perceptive photo completion, and $0 price tag make it an easy primary choice for those searching for a panoramic-photo-taking app.

There are some more exciting news in the Microsoft’s iPhone app statement, iPhone users, if want, can upload their pictures to Bing maps. If you are a Microsoft’s Photosynth user and published your panorama to Bing Maps, they will become available for public view and also will appear on Microsoft’s Photosynth “map app”.

With the help of mobile users, Microsoft’s Photosynth database could swell to contain interactive views of points of significance, and possibly more importantly, high-res images showing the inside of buildings – take that, Google Street View. For those who want to know that Microsoft will launch the application for its own mobile platform or not, Microsoft said that they will be soon launching this application for Windows Phone 7. But there are still failed to provide any solid roll-out arrangement. It is very important for Microsoft to launch this application for Windows Phone 7 as their own OS is not getting the attention they want.