Microsoft has recently decided to undertake changes by giving up some control over its development platform by rendering it to the open source community.

Python and Ruby Released

The code for Microsoft’s Python and Ruby was developed for .NET IronPython, and IronRuby and was been distributed under the Apache Software Foundation license. Along with this the company had decided to release Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). Microsoft had created this to run the common language features. These features have been implemented to keep programming light and scripted.

A Welcome change

Till now the users were able to use these languages and DLR solely under Microsoft’s Permissive Licenses. Now with this move the company has convinced the Open Source Initiative to be released officially. This surely would have taken a lot of persuasion from Microsoft’s side.

Need of the hour

Microsoft decided to take this move considering the public demand for it. It was noticed that ASF version 2.0 was being used as the license of choice by users of IronPython and IronRuby. This is not the first time Microsoft has used ASF license. In the beginning of this year Microsoft released the Outlook Personal Folders, this one was also under ASF format.

Though this move is a welcome change but one thing which perturbs people is the fact as to why Microsoft did not disclose this move as its other decisions of change, in the past. This week O’Reily Open Source Convention was also released inPortland. If Microsoft was as fair to its image then it would have tried its level best to draw all attention to its change than on OSCON, unlike this time.

One reason for this could be the failure of company’s recent projects. The licenses given by the company were a hindrance for the contributing users. Ruby was available under GPL while Python had its personal GPL similar version.

A peep in future

Microsoft wishes that on the DLR front these unique languages should form a part of its Azure cloud.

ASF is believed to be a business friendly license and will be better recognized by the users in comparison to a Microsoft license version.