The Kin range of mobile phones from Microsoft was announced with a lot of excitement and zest however only three months after the announcement company dropped the production and the product was scrapped.  An announcement was made that the production in the United Stated is being closed and the global launch would be cancelled as the product was not materialized successfully. The entire cost of creating, manufacturing and rolling out Kin was somewhere around 774 billion pounds and it was estimated that around ten thousand handsets would be sold at least.

The internal phone platform being developed by Microsoft was to be implemented at par with KIN. The Project Pink was initiated when Microsoft buyout the start up Danger in 2008. Danger was the technological innovative behind the assistant HIPTOP a phone cum messaging gadget that resembled Smartphones from Blackberry.

While some people are critical about the stories of launch and then the cut back, others are optimistic and believe that due to realization that Kin was not a fruitful investment Microsoft cancelled the launch. It is seen by some as the fervent approach to concentrate expertise and invest resources on more promising ventures than to come up with a product that was foreseen to be a failure.

The various people associated with the company are looking at it as a real morale depression. They are both embarrassed and irritated with the failure of Kin which was seen as a major launch from Microsoft. Especially the Mobile and Entertainment sections are highly depressed by the happening.

There are a lot of hitches which the company is facing these days and these are also marring its goodwill as the leader in software technologies globally. Its not just the Kin that has failed, the company also faced disdain with the tablet project that was named Courier. The venture too shut down in April without even being launched in the market.  Allard, a significant face in Microsoft Corp reportedly resigned after the close down of Courier as it was his pet project.  He is now only acting as an adviser to the chief executive of company Steve Ballmer.

There are not many signs of the company having any losses to its reputation as far as the Operating system and software however in case it stays only in its safe zone and does not experiment in the new areas it may stay behind its competitors.  Without innovative strategies and new creations it would lose the first place in the long run.

Earlier the pet project of Allard’ was highly contradicted by the Windows Mobile group. The Senior VP also denied the prospective success of the project. Thus Allard was sidelined from the corp. and Andy Less as made to take the control of the Project Pink and the Danger Team which was also involved in Kin development.  With all these news of big projects from Microsoft being shut and scrapped it is seen as a big malaise on the company’s reputation in the global market.