Robbie Bach and J Allard are one of those people who have worked very hard for the “Entertainment and Devices” (E&D) division of Microsoft. They both were also very much involved in the marketing and development process of the console of Xbox which has very much importance for the Microsoft because they have made lots of research and worked very hard for the development of such an amazing module. However, both have retired now from the Entertainment and Devices field of Microsoft. The retirement news of both of them is under lot of discussions all over the world. Robbie Bach was the main leader of the Microsoft group of home and entertainment. This group has done a lot for the development and research of many important projects for Microsoft like games for the Windows operating system, Xbox, Consumer oriented software and hardware products and many others. In the year of 2005, Microsoft designated Robbie Bach as a president of its completely new division of E&D (Entertainment and Devices). This new division is dealing with many important projects like Games for windows operating systems, Windows Media Center, Zune, Xbox 360 and Xbox. In Addition to these, it is also responsible for the research, development and sometimes marketing of Business of Media Platforms that consists of PlayReady, MediaRoom, Windows Mobile, Kin, and Windows Phone, Communication business of mobiles, many other services and devices and some particular Applications Business and devices which wraps the Surface, Microsoft Hardware, Windows Embedded and Office for Mac.

Whereas, J Allard worked a lot for the research, marketing and development process of Xbox module. He suggested the remarkable improvements in this amazing module of Microsoft Xbox. After completing his work on Xbox, he started to work on Zune and Kin which has just released by the Microsoft in recent days. Along with all these projects, he had also worked in amazing Courier project that has just finished in last year. He was the one who enhanced the importance and growth of internet and World Wide Web (WWW) in 1990s to the Microsoft who was bit confused about all these things. His guidelines made an amazing change for the Microsoft in the development, research and growth in Software industry.

Both these amazing personalities said that their instantaneous retirements are little accidental. Robbie Bach argued that now he wants to entirely focus on his handicap instead of working with Microsoft. But J Allard has made it clear that he will surely work with the Microsoft in the near future by helping the Steve Ballmer who is the advising CEO of Microsoft on various unnamed projects. He said that he has given 95 percent of his life time to the Microsoft and only 5 percent to his personal life and now he wants to change this ratio. He is thinking to give more his time to his personal life than the Microsoft. The fact is that the instantaneous retirements of both these personalities has a great jerk for Microsoft and will surely affect its market value in the future.