At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this year, the company presented a lot of different and revolutionary ideas to the attendees. This year WPC has been the largest ever in Microsoft’s history with attendees of over 9500, in addition to 3000 of Microsoft’s employees. After a long time Microsoft is coming up with something new in it’s history. The main focus of the conference was on the introduction of Windows Azure Platform and the cloud computing technology. But with the increased demand and popularity of smart phones, the partners and shareholders were a little concerned about what Microsoft is going to come up with in order to compete with in the market.

Smart Phones and Tablets

The company’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft will soon be launching Windows based tablets into the market and is seriously working on its Windows 7 OS for smart phones. Although he didn’t mention the obvious success of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Google’s Android, it was pretty obvious that the company is concerned about its position in the market. The main reason for bringing this topic up was the concern shown by the company’s business partners.

There was no certain note on the Mobile phone OS, but the CEO did admit that the company had fallen back and was working to the maximum level to complete and introduce it as soon as possible. He assured the partners that the Windows OS for mobile was going to be bigger and better with enhanced features and graphics. Not only that but the mobiles will also be able to support cloud computing.

More emphasis was laid on the work being done on cloud computing throughout the conference. With its new Windows Azure coming up, the company and it’s alliances are pretty excited about it. About the tablets they said that the devices will support cloud computing and actually be a vital part of it as well. They said that they will be releasing a number of tablets, Windows based, within months.

Cloud Computing

The conference was basically based on cloud computing and Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Microsoft and its partners are very confident of the success of Windows Azure. The president of software and tools in Microsoft said that the company will run the first Azure professional developers conference this year in September. The conference will be held in Seattle and broadcasted on the internet. Despite the face that people have been a little bit reluctant previously, the company is very much interested in helping its partners to become a part of the cloud. They presented some reasons for adopting it such as lesser investment, enhanced customer dealing and easier management and distribution of applications and services. The CEO admitted that from the experience gained by cloud services such as Bing and Windows Live, the company’s engineers have learned a lot in regards to running cloud based applications.

Well lets hope that all the hard work and potential Microsoft’s been putting in on all this pays off as well.