In the last few months, many companies have displayed tablet-style devices with Windows 7 addition. Many of these keyboards less gadgets are still available in the US. Few of the machines are accessible for purchase in the US but in China they look to be new rage. But having seen many of the available slates, people are still disappointed and there is very good reason behind that: Most of the available slates don’t pursue Microsoft’s suggestions in building Windows 7 Slate. There is a white paper republished by Microsoft for Windows for Devices, which explains how to manufacturer a best Windows 7 based slate PC. Here are some of the company’s suggestions:

(1) Company recommended the use of solid state disk ad there is very strong reason behind that. A solid stick consumes very low lower which ultimately improves the dependability of your tablet. It’s also suggested to increase the battery life to 4 hours for better usability. The stand by time should also at least 72 hours.

(2) 2 GB of RAM should be provided to the devices and the graphics processors or CPUs should not be very powerful because there is no need of very powerful processors in a tablet PC. Make sure that the places where you grip tablet with hands, aren’t close to the venting points and heat dispersion.

(3) Microsoft also suggested that you should have better touch experience with the presence of an active digitizer. It will make actions like handwriting recognition easier. Also better touch screen experience is very crucial as far as table is concern because it’s a very important feature of the tablet. The company also recommends the use of biometric scanner which will help in easily login without using on-screen keyboard.

(4) If you’re concerned in knowing about what Microsoft recommends regarding the hardware of slate PC, you should go through the whole white paper. The selection of hardware is very crucial while manufacturing a tablet PC. Just one needless hardware part can spoil the efficiency of the tablet. It will also be helpful for you if you just want to refresh your knowledge abut Windows 7 features quickly.

Tablets having Windows 7 have some inbuilt weaknesses. For the tablets, operating systems like Windows, isn’t very friendly. A tablet is one kind of touch screen device which you are believed to navigate through your finger tips. But Microsoft still thinks that it’s possible to make a successful tablet with Windows 7.