Microsoft is set to revolutionize the private cloud space, with their new product Windows Azure Platform Appliance. This one will be a special product only for high end enterprise sectors of the market.

About Windows Azure Platform Appliance

This is a unique appliance that will sustain Microsoft cloud environment. This is a platform appliance which is a turnkey cloud platform for consumers to set up in their own datacenter, athwart number of servers.

Windows Azure Platform Appliance includes; Windows Azure, SQL Azure and a Microsoft specified configuration of network along with storage and server hardware. This appliance is particularly created, after considering needs of various organizations like large scale service providers, big enterprises and governments. It will provide a cloud platform that would send excellent datacenter efficiency through inventive power, cooling and automation technologies.

Usually all the major Microsoft tools are targeted at Joe developer, Joe end user, or Joe SMB. But Windows Azure Platform Appliance is different from all these tools; it is not targeted towards any of them.

Till now company has not disclosed many details about the product in terms of its hardware, software or networking. A few things that all the industry insiders know are that it is not created for general public. The target audience for this appliance is large Information Technology institutions which buy hundreds and thousands of servers in a single order. Governments, large scale service providers and very large enterprise are also welcomed to use this new appliance.

Current users of Windows Azure Platform Appliance

It is believed that the existing customers of Microsoft like Dell, Fujitsu, HP and eBay are interested in using Windows Azure Platform Appliance in their data centers. A shocking thing to be noted is one of the appliance customers, Fujitsu, is a likely contender with Microsoft in the cloud space but is still interested in this appliance.

Another one to follow

Industry insiders believe that Microsoft will soon provide one more private cloud offering to its consumers. This product will be System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal, previously known as the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit. The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit was an infrastructure and mechanization toolkit created to run in a Windows Server 2008 data center.