The gaming industry today is undoubtedly the most booming industry across the globe. To utter amazement with major players like Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. in the gaming arena, the sales of the video games fell by 6% in U.s markets making it a total of about $1.1 billion in the past month of June. The overall slump in the gaming industry of U.S is accounted to a major loss by Nintendo DS and not so successful season from Playstation 3.  Comparing the sales of the leaders in the gaming arena, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is on a lead. Xbox 360 had a big competition with Playstation 3 right from its launch. The lead is a definite indication that gamers love the all-new Xbox 360 that has sharper textures and better graphics as compared to the Playstation 3 games.

For the Microsoft’s Xbox, the sales were up by 88% making a total sale of 451,700 units in U.S. The success was accounted to the introduction of the slimmer model for the console that had a higher hard disc space. The new slim model by Xbox 360 comes up with 250 GB hard disc space and built-in Wi Fi against previous models with 120 and 80 GB hard disc. The Wi-Fi is definitely an added perk for the gamers. The Washington based Xbox 360 company had a busiest month after they released the famous game Halo 3 in September 2007. Therefore, for Microsoft’s Xbox, it was one of the most successful seasons recently. Another major player in the gaming arena, the Sony’s Playstation 3 saw a jump of 85% in June making a total sale of 304,800 units in June. However, the sales could not surpass the Xbox 360 by Microsoft.

As for Nintendo, June was a month of profits for the Wii consoles. The company accounted a 16% rise in the sales of the Nintendo Wii consoles compared to the year gone by. The company in U.S sold 422,500 Wii consoles in the month of June. But the Nintendo’s DS hand held video games saw a huge decline in sales after a Japanese company named ‘Kyoto’ announced the launch of new hand held video game that would be equipped with three cameras and a wireless connection. The video game will have a 3D screen and would display 3D images without the use of special glasses. ‘Kyoto’ announced that these video games would be available by March 2011. Hence, the Nintendo’s hand held video games may see a further decline in sales in coming months.

The U.S markets saw a decline in the purchase of games too. The game sales fell by 15% in June 2010 that accounted to about $531 million market. The reason behind the weak sales is assumed that the major game publishers have held the release of the new games for the second half of the year. The decision is influenced by the fact that the launch of a game in the second half of the year gets better sales and profits.