The 16th edition of the journal MidWeek includes information about the plans of Microsoft. The company has always kept its developers at the very core of their business because it is they who actually think and create what is demanded by the people. Let us see what all was there in the 16th edition of MidWeek.

Everyone is aware of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. Quite a lot has been said about the deal. Nokia phones powered by Windows Phone 7 will surely be a great success. This will for sure capture a large market for Windows Phone 7.

The 16th edition of MidWeek also covered the highlights of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. The release candidate is now available. The browser will also be available as an update for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is also working on releasing the development kit for the same so that more and more developers can create applications and other tools for Windows Phone 7 using the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) platform. As per Microsoft the incorporation of IE9 in the Windows Phone 7 operating system will definitely make browsing on phones a great experience. IE9 supports HTML 5 and getting it on your mobile phone will enhance the browsing to great extent. Microsoft also mentioned about its remote media streaming feature of Windows Phone 7. With this feature you can record live TV using their Windows Phone so that you do not miss your favourite TV programs while you are far from home on a vacation. A very simple step by step process has to be followed.

Other news covered by MidWeek in its 16th edition was regarding OneNote. As we know that OneNote is a note keeping application so that you can take notes on your computer just like the way you take it in your note book. You can type anywhere on the note, you can add pictures, screenshots and there is no need to be sequentially correct and organised while taking notes because you can just drag and drop the notes to organize them. With OneNote one can share his or her notes through Microsoft Outlook and let others add their notes on the same sheet. This certainly is a nice effort and has already gained quite good response.