Have you ever ran into a situation where you have opened so many windows that there is no space in the taskbar. If this happens, the size of the window buttons reduces and you cannot even read and identify which button is for which window. The situation worsens if multiple windows are of the same type because in this case even the icon image looks the same on these buttons. To avoid such situation Windows has a feature of grouping similar windows together. If this feature is ON then there will be just one button in the taskbar for windows of the same type.

For example if you have multiple Windows Explorer open, then Windows will display just one button in the taskbar and all the windows can be accessed by clicking on the button and then selecting the one from the stack. This feature was good enough to keep the taskbar neat and tidy, but in Windows 7 the arrangement of task bar buttons and icons was taken a step ahead.

In Windows 7, the task bar has icons in it and these shortcut icons also work as the buttons for opened windows of the same type. For example in Windows 7 there is a shortcut icon for Widows Explorer in the task bar (known as quick launch icon).

It opens Windows Explorer when clicked and a separate button appears in the taskbar. But when you minimize Windows Explorer, the button disappears and the minimized windows can then only be accessed by the quick launch icon.

Minime is a small tool which can be installed in Windows and with this you can minimize all the open windows in the system tray area of the taskbar. There are some applications which give this option to minimize to system tray.

If you wish to minimize any or all of the running applications to the system tray then you really need this tool called as Minime. Minime bundles all the windows into one single icon in the system tray and provides a listing of all the windows in the form of context menu.

You can click on the icon of Minime in the system tray to get the listing of all running applications and click on the name of the application which you want to maximize. It is a cool new way of arranging multiple windows together and not messing up the task bar. Minime is a freeware and takes only 6 MB of space in memory for its use.