On July 12, H3 Solutions Inc. announced its release of the newest major edition that has been purposely made for the Microsoft SharePoint mobile application network innovation. Mobile Entrée 2.0 is the software that will ensure that your business process continues to move, and will provide SharePoint mobile access to business intelligence (BI) from the Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Symbian 260,WebOS and Blackberry Smartphones.

The second major release of the Mobile Entrée 2.0 is making waves in the world of mobile operating systems. This mobile application framework for SharePoint is going to bring the software to a higher level of maturity and functionality.

The new features of the SharePoint Mobile Entrée 2.0 include the ability to interact with your Excel pbot table and filter on the real-time data so you can make the most beneficial decisions. You can also brand and tailor the look of your mobile application with the themes it offers. It also includes innovative mobile dashboards.

The global community that associates SharePoint developers has given very valuable insight as well as trustworthy feedback as a portion of the Mobile Entrée partner program. This has helped them deliver a very good product. They have considered the requests of the public which has helped to develop the new and innovative features that make it the easiest to use since. This is so the customers can rapidly extend the SharePoint as a mobile workforce.

The Mobile Solution for the Masses

The developed Mobile Entrée features are here to provide a comfortable as well as highly efficient platform for the developers and the IT staff. Since SharePoint BI is now mobile, the experience goes beyond the simplicity of viewing the data in your mobile application. This only functions in a specific device, though.

Innovative Business Intelligence for Mobile Users

H3 Solutions created this revolutionary SharePoint mobile industry. They utilized the Excel Add-in and without the need for any specific customization, different software development or separate servers. The users can actually get to successfully surface pivot-tables, charts, and spreadsheet data for mobile workers in a way that is never before possible.

The real-time information can now be surfaced to the “mobile dashboard” so that it will provide mobile workers with the quickest view of the business intelligence that is important to their work. The new theming mechanism gives you the ability to display a new branded mobile experience. Also, with the capability to customize your SharePoint applications through an application programming interface

(API) and extend it as well.

There is also an educational mini site at http://itsbestwith.me which provides information, videos & tutorials on all that is new in Mobile Entrée.

H3 Solutions: What’s it all about?

H3 Solutions was founded in 2006. It is known for its expertise in the Microsoft SharePoint technologies. It is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner therefore they also provide consultation for clients in both the public and private sectors. It is the best known for the creation of the mobile application framework for SharePoint, Mobile Entrée. This is the industry’s SharePoint-integrated development platform for the mobile applications that will allow cross-device deployment.

Mobile Entrée 2.0 will definitely satisfy its fans and new clients. This will make mobile working a breeze for everyone who wants to take part in the Mobile Entrée experience.