Lawsuits in the IT sector seem to be the order of the day when it comes to protecting intellectual property even with minor infringement which often proves to be false.

In the latest lawsuit Microsoft had sued Motorola for denying license to patents at an affordable price. Instead Motorola is overcharging Microsoft for patents that had already been agreed to in a contract with regards to video decoding and WLAN technologies which have already been built for Microsoft products like the Xbox, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7.

Microsoft’s lawsuit statement that was filed in the Washington court read as follows: “In willful disregard of the commitments it made to IEEE and the ITU, Motorola has refused to extend to Microsoft a license consistent with Motorola’s promises for any of Motorola’s identified patents. Instead, Motorola is demanding royalty payments that are wholly disproportionate to the royalty rate that its patents should command.”

Motorola has so far not replied to the statement.