Microsoft has finally released the latest version of its popular business productivity suite. There are a great deal of enhanced features and updates to its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. You can get free online versions of those same apps.

Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft’s Business division said, “We’ve done dramatic changes to the way we deliver Office 2010 to give consumers more buying choice, making it easier than ever to unlock the power of Office on new and existing PCs,” Office 2010 is available on internet as well as on new systems, where computer buyers can purchase a key card at major retailers to activate the software on new system, “The new Click-to-Run technology will have them up and running in a matter of minutes,” he added.

If user requires updates then they can customize the setting with the option of customize and after that can install new MS Office 2010 version parallel to older version. In case of any troubleshooting user can use cleanup utility which allows removing all previous version of MS Office file and doing this you can install new version without any problem.

Office Web, an online version of software, includes internet-based editions of MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint. A new Microsoft’s Window Live SkyDrive portal will allow users from U.S., Canada and Ireland to access Office Web Application.

To defend its domination, Microsoft is providing its office version online from web-based software from Google and from other free open-source software’s. According to Comscore, a market watcher, MS Office is now successfully running almost on 1 billion PC’s worldwide.

The feature offered in the Web apps, are not found in desktop version, for example like tagging into documents and posting them directly to blog. Though, businesses now purchase volume subscriptions to Office, will receive access to the Office Web Apps without any addition charge.

Following are some key features:

–          Saving Office documents to the clouds

–          Web videos can be embedded for presentations

–          Feature of Quick steps in Outlook

–          Built-in PDF format

–          Printing features of documents

–          Broadcast slideshows with power point back-up

–          Video Editing meets PowerPoint

–          Slides can be distributed as videos

–          Screen capture option available

–          Social link up Outlook

Microsoft Office is divided into three categories, first one is for Home and Student Version available at $149 and if you are willing to download new version online then price is as low as $119. Good news for students and professors, since Office Professional Academic is available at just $99, and can buy it from campus bookstores and other selected retailers.

Home office and small business working group can have suite for $279vs$199 (online) or key car for $299.

For enterprise environment, Office Professional 2010 is best due to number of tools provided in package, priced at $499, while the download price is $349.