Microsoft Office is the most trusted and the most used application software across the globe. Microsoft has recently revealed the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac i.e. MS Office for Mac 2011.

Let us take a look at some of the infesting features of MS Office for Mac 2011:

Outlook Integration

Now, you can see and manage your mails with the new Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook for Mac is an all in one application for your e-mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks. You can collapse your multiple emails and can watch them in one quick view.

Office Web Apps

With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can store and edit your documents and your presentation online and from anywhere. You can also access your document from any computer with the help of Office Web Apps. Just log into the and you can work from anywhere.


With MS Office for Mac 2011, you can coauthor documents, add video and audio to chats on real time basis. With MS Office for Mac 2011 being compatible with Microsoft Windows, you can connect to anyone anywhere.


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 has an amazing feature known as the ribbon. The MS Office for Mac 2011 ribbon and toolbar displays all the commonly used commands. So that means there is no need to look for the same option every time.

Template Gallery

Now, you can easily create amazing documents with the new Template gallery in MS Office for Mac 2011 without any hassle. There are templates in large formats so that you can see the layouts, graphics and fonts and can edit them easily.

Photo Editing

With a full suite of media editing options in Office for Mac 2011, you can edit everything from in-document photo finishing to color-corrections to background removal.

Full Screen View

MS Office for Mac has a full screen view that enables you to read and write the document on full screen mode. With the full screen feature, you can easily focus on the task by blocking out all other windows and menus on your screen.

Broadcast Slide Show

With the PowerPoint for Mac 2011 you can present your presentation to multiple people remotely that will improve communication and will reduce travel cost. Just connect to Internet and you can broadcast your presentation to anyone anywhere.


The MS Office for Mac 2011 has a feature for Excel for Mac 2011 knows as Sparklines. With Sparklines in Excel for Mac 2011, you can create small charts in a single cell.

Visual Basics

Another interesting feature of MS Office for Mac 2011 is the automating repetitive tasks in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This feature includes IntelliSense, which uses auto completion to complete the words and symbols.

Reorder Objects

With MS Office for Mac 2011, you can reorder layers of text, photos, and graphics, you can create documents with great picture quality than ever, also you can rearrange them with hassle free copying and pasting.