Windows Vista is an Operating System which was released by Microsoft after Windows XP. It is of course easy to go ahead with every type of operation with a bit of knowledge and practice. Once you do it, you will find things pretty easy to navigate at Vista. There has been loads of debate on whether to go for Vista or continue with the existing XP Operating System, both in favor and against.

Navigate the documents to a new location

Microsoft has developed Vista with some well thought reasons and not merely focusing upon something new for the sake of  advancement in technology.  Keeping strictly within the realm of navigation, Vista is full of life interface with 3D animated effects, but venture on the accuracy to make the users easily recognize the commands on the interface and the way the computer complies.

Navigate the Internet directly from a document

Take the easiest task of shifting the files for example.  Often, you may have a necessity of shifting the documents from a current position to some other location. You have been used to

  1. Select the folder required to be shifted, say a folder ‘A’.
  2. Click and opt for renaming it as you want.
  3. Cut it with the duly designated name.
  4. Open the drive or folder where you want to save and paste the original folder ‘A’.

Alternatively, follow the other process of right clicking the folder ‘A’ and choosing either  options of sending it to the desktop or ‘My Documents’ for further shifting.

At Window Vista, shifting location is much easy; every folder is displayed with the address bar revealing the existing location. Instead of going through so many steps, you can simply assign a new location typing the changed address on the address bar. You are aware how the location is displayed separated by front slashes and colons sign.  You need to erase the displayed location and type the new location and press ‘enter’.

Reaching  the web directly

If you want to send a document to a common location such as Favorites, Pictures, Downloads or music, etc., type the name of location on the address bar  and press ’enter’.  Window Vista is very dynamic. You can make instant access to the internet directly typing the URL into the space bar.

Navigate the storage to locate the documents

You may not remember where you have saved an infrequently used document.  The ‘Start-ball’ feature of Window Vista lets you make a quick search of any document resting on your computer.  Even if you do not recall the exact title of a document, there is nothing to worry. Vista is expert in extracting a document, which logically relates a search with the exact little it was saved. Thus, you should use logical short titles or phrase to locate the documents.

Vista has been designed to easily handle the shorter versions, even for many functional purposes. For example, you need to type only ‘defrag’ for defragmentation. You need not worry about commands for specific functions. The key F1 is the storehouse of all information you need for working on Vista operating System.