With the recent recal of Kin from the market due to a terrible and dismal performance, may be its time Microsoft rethinks its mobile business. The flop of the Kin must have been a wake up call for the company and it is about time it implemented a radical shift in its mobile telephony business.

Kin’s Perfomance

Its Smartphone, the Kin performed poorly and had to be recalled in part reflecting a huge failure in mobile telephony for both Microsoft and Verizon. Analysts are now sure the giant software manufacturer is back to the drawing board over what went wrong, given the fact that, with the tightening desktop software market, the mobile telephony segment is slowly emerging as the future major business opportunity for software companies.

To Survive Mobile Market

To survive in this market, Microsoft might be forced to analyze its future phone strategies and the platform has already been provided thanks to the Kin’s appalling performance. Microsoft’s competitors such as Google has had a better venture into the mobile market with the launch of Google’s Android Linux based operating system that has the search giant gain considerable milestones against established phone companies such as Apple Inc, Research In Motion amongst others. Thus as it stands currently, analysts believe Microsoft cannot afford to be out of the phones market; they have to make their presence felt and in a major way if they are too survive the competition.

Compete Fairly With Apple, Google & Others

The Giant software maker has to come up with a product that can compete favorably with iPhone and Android given the fact future forecasts place computing in mobile telephony.  As such, analysts contend that the company now faces an uphill task as it withdraws to the drawing board for possible strategies and maneuvers to keep it afloat in the mobile market that is ever growing. The company has been forced to refocus and rethink its mobile strategy with the grim fact that 30% of its market share, tabulated in the year 2008 has been on the decline continually and there are no signs it may regain them if its mobile efforts are not redrawn afresh. To begin such a journey, analysts believe Microsoft just has to take a look at Apple’s mobile phones business. When Apple announced its entry into the mobile market, there was a lot of criticisms and even skepticism that it might not succeed, but that did not hinder it regardless.

Apple has since then wallowed in its success in the mobile market as it has seen its Smartphone business grow in leaps and bounds to the leading contender that it is today. Thus for Microsoft, the establishment of a dynamic and user friendly mobile software platform that carries with it an applications storage space is crucial to its entry and establishment of a significant presence in the mobile market. It appears the company has picked its cue from the flop of the Kin as its other releases, the Windows 7 desktop operating system is gradually becoming more preferred while its yet to be launched Windows phone 7 will help bring it at par with its contenders in the mobile market, at least in the mean time.