NetApp a, computer storage and data management company, has collaborated with Microsoft Corp. to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an opportunity to expand their business to the cloud computing level. They aim to provide enterprise level data protection based on cloud computing to the SMBs. The SMBs are demanding enterprise level services too. Microsoft’s general manager for worldwide hosting for communication sector, John Zanni said, “SMBs are demanding enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions, and hosting service providers are in a tremendous position to fill that demand as more SMBs move toward hosted IT services.”

The contract is a three year agreement between Microsoft and NetApp. The agreement was signed in December last year and is described to be for the integration of products related to cloud computing, storage management and virtualization of data centered technologies.


Small and medium sized businesses are those that do not cover a great area of the market but are vital when it comes to services at local level. NetApp provides services to such organizations and helps them modernize and make their businesses more technologically advanced. Just like big organizations, these small businesses too face data loss and system disaster problems. NetApp and Microsoft together aim to help these businesses a secure data storage and system recovery in case of failure, through cloud computing. The only problem here is reliability because apparently the company will have to store its data and system somewhere on the Internet and without the knowledge of exact location.

Disaster Recovery

NetApp has added its disaster recovery elements to Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit. The software is built around Microsoft’s Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. It also includes planning, assessments, architectural design and best practices.

Guidance for using and building cloud services for the businesses is also included in the package. The services are powered by Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Suite.

nGenX Corp.

nGenX Corp. is another service provider that specializes in cloud computing and has teamed up with NetApp and Microsoft as well. It is basically based in Overland Park, Kan. It is going to support this project with its GeoCloud. This would prove to be beneficial for the project in many ways.


Cloud computing in itself is an amazing technology. Microsoft being a leading firm in technological services would only make it better. The company has been serving for almost thirty four years now, founded in 1975, and has kept a reputation as a strong firm in the market. It has been working earnestly on cloud computing and is finally coming up with great and effective ideas. Its Windows Azure platform is taking its place in the market and will soon prove to be a true Microsoft product. The way different companies and other service providers are adopting it will soon become another one of Microsoft’s “local products”. It is hard to tell now but with the advancements in technology no one knows where will cloud computing take Microsoft and its supporters.