Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers.

Microsoft has also now gone full swings by introducing enhanced features of HTML 5 and incorporating basic browser design similar to the chrome setup.

Some of the new features of the new IE 9 can be seen as follows:

  • CSS 3 selectors
  • Enhanced JavaScript Performance
  • Embedded ICC v2 or v4color profiles support via Windows Color System.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics rendering using Direct2D
  • Imaging support provided by Windows Imaging Component
  • Supports HTML5 video
  • Web Open Font Format

These are just some of striking features that differentiate the IE 9 from its previous features. However the enhancement of the JavaScript performance has been mainly attributed to its new engine called Chakra.  The new engine has enabled IE 9 to maintain a credible performance in terms of loading pages.