When you switch on the computer and if you are using any interface based operating system from  Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, you usually see that the first thing appears after the operating system loads is the screen which has some icons in it with the wallpaper or picture, and the bar at the bottom (normally). This entire interface is called the desktop of you operating system. But when you compare the other operating system’s interface or desktop with Microsoft Windows’ Desktop, you’ll see the huge difference of easiness and comfort for the users.

Microsoft’s Operating Systems:

Microsoft always cares about its users, and when it comes to the Desktop, Microsoft gives its client a chance to experience different and unique way of spending time on computer or achieving any specific target. It not only give comfort but it also saves lot of time and money too, that people usually waste on those ordinary operating system, which is not easy to use as well. In any of the Microsoft’s operating system, the desktop has always been the priority.

Windows 7’s Desktop Options:

Microsoft has already introduced its new operating system with new and improved features, and it is called “Windows 7”. This operating system not only gives everything a computer user needs, but it is also a revolution in the line of operating systems. So in this new operating system you can see that the desktop is now changed as comparing to previous desktops and it is now giving more comfort to the people as it got dynamic rather than static. So now whatever you are doing on the desktop like opening windows, folders, programs etc. it will always save your time by arranging and aligning according to your requirements. Also the taskbar plays important role, as it arrange your programs, folders, windows etc. in a way through which you access them easily again and again.

Arranging or Managing Icons:

Icons are the most important thing on your desktop. Icons are made up of the pictures (small sized), which shows the characteristics of the specific folder, for example if you see that recycle bin is the folder in which all your deleted file are being temporarily saved (until it gets full or you remove things by yourself). So the small picture of trash can represent the folder of the recycle bin. Many people like different and lot of icons on their desktops, while some like the regular desktop. But also many people like the desktop to be clean, so they put very less icons on their desktop. Windows 7’s desktop allows all types of people to arrange, add, remove icons as they like. Also people can easily these icons around as it gives them easiness of selecting programs, files or folders. Also there are many options available to hide, protect, move, arrange the icons according to need of the person or user, and the options are very easy to handle. The taskbar is also very easy to handle through which you can set your clock arrange or operate the programs running in background.

The newly introduced options are created for the purpose of doing things differently, rather than using same old traditional stuff which not only waste time but also need more efforts. Microsoft Windows 7 is actually built by keeping the easiness of the users.