Greenpeace is the biggest environment oriented organization in the world. It has released the latest edition of its Guide to Greener Electronics companies and has ranked them in order to influence the purchase choices of potential customers.

Greenpeace is a non government environmental organization with the offices across 40 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam and Netherlands. Greenpeace states its goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nature life in all its diversity and focuses its work on worldwide issues such as Global Warming, over-fishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues.

In few years, Greenpeace spread to several other countries and started to campaign on the other environmental issues like commercial whaling and toxic waste. The different regional Greenpeace groups formed Greenpeace International to oversee the goals and operations of the regional organizations globally. Greenpeace has received intonation attention during the 80’s. This Organization has raised environmental issues to public knowledge influenced both the private and the public sector. Company has also started to evaluate the IT sector recently and recently ranked Nintendo and Microsoft last in the list.

These companies are judged to have increased its carbon emissions, despite whoop it up to limit them, and is criticized for having no actual policy on the electronic waste.

Microsoft is just one position ahead of Nintendo. Microsoft has lost one position since the last report because it has failed to abide by a commitment to eliminate, BFRs and PVC by the end of 2010.

Microsoft Corporation was judged on its Zune mp3 player and Xbox game console. Microsoft lost points for its pledge to eliminate toxic chemicals only in 2011 and for having no voluntary take back program for electronic waste and was ranked 16th place in the list.

Greenpeace judges companies on their mechanism for collecting and used hardware and on their timelines for eliminating vinyl or PVC and fire retardants that can be dangerous when released into the environment.

Sony, which is also into handheld and home consoles, was able to score much better than its rival companies. Sony raked sixth with Motorola and Panasonic.

The company got points and praise for the fact that they were able to eliminate dangerous chemicals from all the products.

With increasing threats to the global warming and greenhouse emission, it is necessary to mange such standards to keep the environment and earth save.

So far Nintendo and Microsoft are not able to maintain the standard but they need to improve in future.