About one years ago there was a deal that was signed by  Microsoft and Hewlett Packard which was worth a $250 million to team up around the cloud computing. It was indeed a weird announcement which led to a lot of buzz. They said the main objective for the team up was to collaborate with the management and skill level of the employees to help each other reach the top level of the business. At present we see that the results are showing and there is indeed a positive aspect in the entire business and hence we see that joint collaboration between the two has finally began to show fruits and they are making excellent profits working in a kind of partnership.

The partners have announced that they have made appliances which are enterprise-focused, which, they say will combine the infrastructure, applications and productivity into a solo unified system. The first half of the year plan has been announced today and there are indeed a lot to follow.

One of the main introductions is the HP Business Decision Appliance that is made with an intension of business intelligence applications. This is an application which, they say, hugely reduces the efforts and time for the organizations to manage business and deploy officials, and looking for trends and patterns that may not be very apparent. It is optimized in a way so as to run for Microsoft’s SQL Server Database and its collaboration with the Share-point software and also takes a lot less time to installs less than an hour to be precise.

The second option is the HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance and data store that is particularly designed for the mid and small sized companies that can deliver performance that suits the needs of the big business houses, but it doesn’t require a central administration to run it. The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance that was previewed in November is available now in the stores.

The messaging application which is geared towards making the installation of the Microsoft Exchange 2010 very easy, the server piece Outlook, the all purpose emails from Microsoft, contact and calendar software is widely used by companies around the world. The formal name is HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 which come pre configured with best practiced designed in it. It also has a large and centrally archived mail box and is available in any device.

The Microsoft and HP are working towards making the HP Database Consolidation Appliance which can actually help to bring hundreds of applications in one appliance. This will only run the Microsoft Hyper V Cloud and SQL Server. This can also help in the deployment of IT projects and will ensure proper functioning of the same. The time taken for the roll out of the server is not specified yet as it can take anything between a year and 18 months.