The very day when Apple upgraded its previous version of iPhone OS into the new and highly featured OS version 4, Microsoft also launched its very new Windows Live Messenger service for iPhone in the iTunes library. Well, as for now, the newly launched application doesn’t yet make use of the multitasking facility offered by the new OS. However, it does allow certain push notifications that permits it to run perfectly at the background and also pop up messages when you receive any instant message.


Well, similar to the computer version of this Windows Live Messenger, this new iPhone application helps highlight certain social updates along with pictures while using the instant messaging system. This new, well designed application provides four buttons for selecting any of the four modes, namely, Buddy list, Social Updates, Photos and Chats.

The Social tab added in this new version largely duplicates the application that you see on Facebook. However, it adds several other services which are equally interesting such as, Twitter, Pandora, Flickr, etc. The new version app allows you to filter highlights on the desktop client such as “Photos”, “me” or any other Status messages. Moreover, you can easily add comments to any content you wish to, but can’t hide the contact stream which would help you become extremely beneficial for the small screen it provides. However, holding one particular digit about the update will simply help you come along the contact’s Live Profile or get back to the service from where it came. The application also includes a small hotmail icon along with an indicator for the inbox which when clicked will help you load the Hotmail Browser on your iPhone and check your messages.

Social Networking

The Friends tab is yet another mode offered by the app which is displayed onto your Messenger’s contact groups which starts with Favorites option. The application however, doesn’t show your Facebook contacts for chatting into your Buddy list. Thus, you don’t have to set up your status (such as Busy, Available, Invisible, etc.). However, this can be easily done by simply holding your finger down onto your icon of your social page. You also have the option to change your current buddy list image using the slide-out menu and also sign out from any computer from any location.

The application sends you notifications on your mobile when you are surfing any other app or are on a locked screen. This application is similar to that of Meebo and allows you to combine Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and AIM contacts.

The Chats tab allows you to only receive nudges that uses the vibration of the phone and shakes off the display. You can also enjoy a wide range of smilies to add expressions to your chats. It also allows you to upload pictures from your iPhone and also onto the SkydRive albums within small time duration. Overall, the newly designed application is quite decent and user-friendly, thus giving you the option to connect to all your loved ones from any place, any time.