Microsoft has just recently announced to the whole world regarding their official launch of a fresh and all-new beta for its latest version of their Security Essentials anti-malware as well as virus protection software for Windows which is actually formerly known as the Morro.

According to a blog or post, which can be easily viewed and fully read on the Windows Blog by Brandon LeBlanc, the big man assigned for managing Microsoft Windows Communications, the company’s newest and latest version of the internationally famousMicrosoft Security Essentials (MSE) has a wonderful package that is inclusive of many new features over the first version of the free anti-malware service which was initially released in September 2009.

The beta for the next major release of Microsoft Security Essentials shows a new and the world’s latest when it comes to effective anti-malware protection engines with a new and improved detection as well as efficient clean up capabilities.  It also has a more updated Windows Firewall integration, which further leads to more enhanced protection that is intended for web-based threats with the use or passage of its integration using Internet Explorer.

There other changes which were included are the overall or general performance and network inspection system, which will actually not be enabled on today’s versions of the Windows XP because it requires the Windows Filtering Platform in order for it to run. This is only available in Vista and Windows 7.

Like all development releases, the use in production environments and on mission critical systems is not advisable. The users that are testing the release are all encouraged to provide feedback and can report any bugs that they might encounter through Microsoft Connect. This new beta is available for download at the company’s web site. The date for the final release of the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials has yet to be announced.

Microsoft Security Essentials New Features

The new features in the beta of Microsoft Security Essentials include the Windows Firewall integration. When you are still undergoing the setup process, Microsoft Security Essentials will then inquire whether you want to turn the entire Windows Firewall on or off.

The enhanced protection for web-based threats is integrated by Microsoft Security Essentials will now be integrated with the Internet Explorer so that it can provide the protection against these. The network inspection system is actually the one responsible for protecting the entire system against any network-based exploits which is now built-in to the core of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Downloading the Microsoft Security Essentials

Once you finish downloading the new Microsoft Security Essentials with the use of your connection with the Microsoft Connect system, you will find the instructions for downloading and installing the beta. The beta participants or candidates are strongly encouraged by the company to offer their feedback, either positive or negative, about their experiences when it comes to the actual usage of the Microsoft Security Essentials with the use of a connection with Microsoft Connect.

This is just a limited beta version and is actually available in English or American, Israeli, as well as in the Brazilian and Portuguese languages. This will also be available in China using simplified Chinese later this year. It is also available to genuine Windows users on a first come, first serve basis, only until the reserved slots for the beta duration have been obtained.

Some users have had issues when they finally decided to download the Microsoft Security Essentials beta after they signed up into the Microsoft Connect system. The Microsoft technical team is looking into this and working to resolve the issue. Still, you can use the commands available in the file transfer manager, which you can access within Microsoft Connect in order for you to successfully download the beta files.

After you log into the Microsoft Connect website that leads you to the Microsoft Security Essentials beta, you must click Download Microsoft Security Essentials Beta. Select the version of this that is right for you whether it is 32 or 64 bit and then click on the Download button. After that, you are good to go. You can now enjoy your Microsoft Security Essentials beta version and see if it suits you well.