We know that pressing “Shift” and “4” keys together on any keyboard gives us the dollar symbol “$”. What if we get the Indian Rupee symbol incorporated on keyboards in the same way. Well it’s not just a thought but it is going to happen soon. Everything is finalised it’s just the government of India which is waiting for the Traditional Symbol of Rupees to phase out from Banks, so that they can officially release the new Symbol.

Since India doesn’t have an official currency symbol, people write it in multiple ways and there are lot of inconsistencies that have to be taken into account while doing computation. There has been no set pattern of writing the amount as well but now it all will be fixed. Not having a set pattern and a currency symbol has always added to the efforts of software developers who have to write codes for banking and other financial applications.

Addition of Indian Currency symbol on the keyboard will require manufacturing of keyboards with the new layout and will also demand tweaking in the applications so that it understands the new symbol. Hardware Vendors expect that this change will bring in some fresh orders for IT equipment in banks to stock brokerages to insurance companies. India’s largest PC makers, HP and HCL are already planning to introduce the new keyboards which will have the Rupee symbol. Microsoft the manufacturer of largest selling operating system said that we will work on the changes in OS as soon as the symbol is approved by Indian Government. Microsoft has already provided Indian version of Windows XP had support for 4 Indian Languages and Vista came with 12 Indian Languages in it. As per Microsoft it is not going to be a big challenge and this incorporation will be smooth and will not hamper and previous data. All it needs is a uniquely assigned number to that symbol which will be understood by the machine. This number is called a Unicode which is a machine understandable code for all the symbols.

Its not only the computer Industry which will do the new incorporation but India being one of the largest mobile phone market will also see a similar the change in mobile phones. The mobile phone makers will also adapt to the change soon. Narendra Bansal, the CMD of Intex Technologies (India) Ltd, said that his team is already working on the software and hardware compatibility for the upcoming change. “We will launch our new line of Keyboards, desktop PCs, and laptops with the symbol within three months. Our Mobile phones with the Rupee Symbol keypad will be launched soon”

This change will not only give new ventures to the Indian IT market but will make the Indian Rupee well known across the globe along with a value to it. It certainly is another step towards economic globalisation.