ASP.NET is a server side scripting language developed by Microsoft and it runs on .NET platform. Microsoft is continuously making its efforts toward the development of web pages in a more convenient and easy way.

Microsoft has released latest tools to simplify the development of ASP.NET. These tools greatly enhance the capability of a novice website developer to develop its own Web application in a quite easy way. Following are the latest tools provided by ASP.NET:

ASP.NET MVC3 Tool: It is the latest tool developed by Microsoft for ASP.NET. It comes along with an engine named RAZOR.

Following are the benefits of its Razor engine embedded in MVC3 tool:

The syntax of Razor engine is developed in such a way that it requires minimum number of keystrokes. In this way Razor engine for MVC3 reduces the effort of user and consumes less time. For a novice user of ASP.NET, Razor is quite helpful as it is very easy to use. The reason behind the simplicity of Razor is its developing languages like C# and Visual Basic. The views provided by Razor can be tested without even launching a web server.

IIS Express 7.5 Tool: this tool enhances the capability of ASP.NET to develop and test an application on Windows platform. Testing is an essential part of development process and IIS Express enhance the capability of developing and testing on the platform of Windows Operating System. IIS Express 7.5 can be implemented using visual studio 2010. Following are the main benefits of using IIS 7.5 Express.

With the help of IIS 7.5 Express, Production web server is available to the development computer. Most of the tasks can be accomplished without the need of administrative privileges. Another benefit of IIS Express includes the compatibility with different versions of OS. The compatibility of IIS Express helps developer to work on different Operating system environments. It runs on Windows XP and all other advance version of Windows. Its support for various version of Windows Orerating system increases working capability.

NuGet Tool:  NuGet Tool is used to simplify the process of incorporating third party libraries into .NET application.

SQL Server Compact Edition 4 Tool: this tool provides an easy method to use database storage for starter websites.

WebMatrix Tool: This tool integrates many open source code templates. It also works as an integrated SEO tool. The optimization of the site on search engines can be accomplished with the help of WebMatrix.

With the help of latest tools released by Microsoft for ASP.NET, the process of developing a website becomes quite simple.

Nowadays many novice programmers start learning web languages like PHP, Ruby and Python. Microsoft is continuously making efforts to make the whole stuff in an easy way. This is the reason behind the choice of ASP.NET for novice users.