Microsoft has announced that it is going to make its next Windows Live Essential Wave 4 suite beta bits available. Following the beta bits is being released as was announced by the company; it would be accessible from the Microsoft site for downloading.

Windows Live Essentials Beta bits (if you require a refresher about Microsoft puzzling nomenclature) is a type of subset of the WLW4 (Windows Live Wave 4) services. Unlike and a little different from some of the Windows Live Services available; the profitable point is those essential family consists of a service component as well as software of high quality to meet any requirements and needs. There is no problem as essential suite is forced to be done by a common installer jointly.


There are several members of the Essential family which include Live Sync (that consists of Live Mesh), Movie Maker, and the new Photo Gallery and Wrier and Mail. But do not forget that if you have Windows XP, you will have to get disappointed because the Windows Live Wave 4 Client software is not compatible with that and wont work if you install it.

Microsoft is always very keen to position itself at the forefront in the market and the main purpose of new Essential suite is to connect Windows 7 to the Cloud as well as its great competitor’s iLife suite of Apple. Speaking very clearly about Windows 7, it revealed that since October 2009, Microsoft has sold more than 150 millions Windows 7 unique licenses around the word.


The qualified and experienced team of the Live Essential has been talking up very enthusiastically about Essential family since the beginning of this summer that it would not provide any specific final ship targets or beta. There are a number of rumors circulating in the market in relation to the Essential suite that this week it is likely to go to the beta, but unfortunately, official of Microsoft were not able to confirm through the blog post until June 23.

This is also interesting that team members of Windows Live are also not aware of when to expect the final but until and before the end of 2010. If we believe one tipster very reliable in terms of Windows Live rollout calendar, the current plan of Microsoft is to deliver in September 2010 the final Essentials release. The planning is also one month late, but better.

On June 15, Windows Live Wave 4 Hotmail beta was delivered by Microsoft reminding that it could take some weeks for its customers to bring the beta bits in comparison to get that particular code installed on the servers of Microsoft.

Still we found the answer of the rumor of what is the new Live Essential suite and the answer is Windows Live Essentials 2011. But, we still need sometime to wait for the confirmation from Microsoft officials. Once there is an official announcement about new bits, I would be the one to grab it.