With the next iteration, Microsoft windows live blog on Tuesday declared that next generation version of “Hotmail Wave 4” has started rolling out for about 360 million users worldwide. It is an update which supports new views for the attached documents and photos and can support larger attachments. The updated hotmail also adds the feature of “Sweep” which gets rid of unwanted messages or gray-mail that doesn’t really qualify spam and enables the user to divert the mails from inbox to either a new folder or trash or a g-mail like conversation view. The new outlined changes coming include sharing enhancements, evolution of inbox, fresh synchronization capabilities and new productivity.

Hotmail wave 4 has integrated deeply with a number of offerings such as sharing, social networking and collaboration services. With new version of hotmail, it will filter the e-mails and separate them according to their sources. The updated version is capable of centralizing updates from more than 70 networks which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and flickr.

With a new hotmail, practical innovations are to be introduced to help people regain their control on inboxes efficiently. They can manage clutter not only on their hotmail inbox but also the inboxes from other e-mail services such as yahoo mail, g-mail or AOL. For sharing photos and documents we have gone a step further and helped to break the limits of past e-mail. Photos or documents are larger in size and sending attachments can clog the inboxes of your family or friends. With hotmail, now you can easily send up to 200 photos of 50 MB each in size through e-mail with the power of Windows Live SkyDrive.

Cloud-based version of Office 2010 plays well with hotmail wave 4 which allows the user to view and edit the office documents right in their inbox. You can send up to 200 documents of 50 MB each in size in a single mail. With the updated hotmail you can attach any document to an e-mail and that document gets stored in the SkyDrive. Hotmail will then send this document via SkyDrive so that you and people you send it to can access the same mail from anywhere. There is no use of Pc or Mac, use Hotmail or don’t or smaller attachment limitation of 10 GB per message. Now you can easily access the document from the computer at the library or at the office or elsewhere.

According to Microsoft over 300 million people are using Exchange ActiveSync and the new Windows Live Hotmail enables users to make the best of their mobile devices. Hotmail wave 4 comes with the push capabilities for smartphones allowing synchronization of tasks, calendar and contacts.