A range of analysts from the market, and from internal Microsoft sources, have found their way across news items worldwide, announcing the non-availability of a Windows based tablet at least till early or mid 2012. With Bill Gates launching the first Microsoft tablet, way back in 2001, and promoting the natural evolution of the laptop into the world of tablets, with attached or detached keyboards, and Stylus plus touch sensing features, the company does not have a product of its own, allowing a range of other competitors to gain market share.

After the Acer Aspire 1420P, years ago, with hands-on on tablets, Microsoft appears not at all ready to take on the market till mid or late 2012. With the Windows Phone 7 facing lot of ups and downs, and problems in updates and bug fixes, Microsoft is busy redesigning the tablet platform through the Windows 8 operating system which is expected somewhere in mid 2012.

In the midst of all this, the takeover of Palm by HP and the announced introduction of the HP WebOS, brings the tablet war to new heights. With the likes of Motorola introducing smartphones with Lapdocks, ViewSonic with their 10 inch tablets, the launch of the iPad 2, Lenovo’s LePad and Hybrid Docks, the Droid and a range of new offerings, makes one wonder why Microsoft has fallen behind.

Is this a strategic move on the Microsoft front is difficult to guess, considering Microsoft’s history of making it big time, even after many years of late entry into a technological breakthrough. Analysts like Gartner who have been time and again releasing research results, announcing a massive slowdown in PC and desktop sales in the rapidly growing netbook, smartphone and tablet ranges, also wonder how Microsoft is going to be able to live up to their reputation, of one of the largest players, given their delays in tablet introductions.

Microsoft may be late in their offerings, but rest assured Microsoft will be systematically setting the grounds for a solid and conceptual breakthrough with their more stable and proposedly highly innovative Windows 8 introduction.